Flexural test of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites

ISO 14125, ASTM D6272

ISO 14125, ASTM D6272

Flexural test of fiber-reinforced plastic composites

Various types of fibre composites are used in technological applications, as: 

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastics  
  • Carbon fibre reinforced plastics
  • Aramid fibre reinforced plastics   
  • Natural fibre reinforced plastics   

Fiber-reinforced composites consist of fibers in the form of threads or staple fibers (as roving) and a matrix providing the adhesion. 3 and 4 point flexure tests are very common for their easy execution. Flexure can be measured by the crosshead stroke encoder when the machine deformation is compensated.

Specimen features is largely determined by the fiber orientation in the fabric. For testing technology requirements, a distinction is made between unidirectional and multidirectional laminates. Material tests represent individual load scenarios on standardized specimens. Due to strong directional sensitivity, the various load types are applied using different specimens, for example in longitudinal and transversal way with respect to the direction of the main fiber.  

In addition to ISO and ASTM international standards, these tests are described in various corporate norms (Airbus AITM, Boeing BSS).

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