Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics and Composites

ASTM D695, ISO 604

ASTM D695, ISO 604

Compression test for determining the material properties of plastic (both un/reinforced)

This test is proper for determining the modulus of elasticity, yield stress, compressive strength, and the deformation beyond yield point.

We recommend hardened-steel compression platens mounted on a Quasar benchtop testing machine and a strain measuring device attached directly to the specimen. A strain gauge is often required for stiff specimens where system compliance can affect test results.

The standard requires that the specimen is compressively loaded at a rate of 1.3 mm/min until fracture. Prior to testing, you should make sure all specimens are made to the sizes specified in the standard and are free of visible surface flaws. When performing compression testing, the specimen alignment plays a determining role in achieving even load distribution, which contributes to the consistency of the results.

Our testing software Labtest allows you to set test control, automatically calculate the desired results and statistics, and realize test reports.

We suggest to revise ASTM D695 to totally understand set up, procedure, and test results needs

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