Tensile test of thermo-sealed packaging

EN 868-5

EN 868-5

EN 868-5 test method is suitable for use with a range of materials manufactured from paper and plastic film used in packaging

This method is used to investigate the strength of the heat seal joints used for heat and self-sealable pouches, and reels for use as packaging of medical devices that are sterilized

Free ends of the test specimen is supported between two clamping jaws and is pulled apart until failure at a constant rate of displacement. This test is to determine the peel characteristics of paper/plastic laminate products, as well as the strength of the heat seal joint for pouches and reel material.  We use screw action grips, pneumatic action grips with rubber coated jaw faces for clamping of the material, which are fitted to a tensile testing machine - normally a Quasar 2.5 single-column or dual-column benchtop model. Graphwork allows you to input specimen details, set the desired test control, automatically calculate the desired results and statistics, and produce a test report all in accordance with this Standard ASTM D882

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ll metodo di prova della Norma EN 868-5 si presta ad essere utilizzato con una vasta gamma di materiali da imballaggio, pellicole di carta o di plastica
Questo metodo studia la resistenza dei giunti termo-saldati di sigillatura dei sacchetti per imballaggio di alimenti e impieghi medicali. Il test consiste nel trazionare i due lembi di film plastico lasciando la parte termosaldata nel mezzo e di verificare la resistenza a rottura rilevando i picchi di carico
Sono consigliati morsetti paralleli specifici per films, con inserti ricoperti in resina. Questa configurazione macchina permette anche di eseguire test secondo la Norma ASTM D882