Tensile testing of copper foils

ISO 6892

ISO 6892

This Standard specifies the method for tensile testing of metallic materials and defines the mechanical properties that can be determined at ambient temperature

Products that may be tested in accordance with this standard include metallic sheets and plates (copper foils included), wire, bar or section, rebar, and tubes. Specimens need to be gripped securely ensuring axial alignment in order to minimize bending. The specimen is then strained in tension until failure using either Method A or Method B control modes. During the test, there are recorded: load, crosshead extension, time, and strain data to determine the material characteristics

The typical calculations include: Yield Point (Rp, Reh, Rel), Ultimate Tensile Stress (Rm), specific strain values at calculations (A, Agt etc.). ISO 6892 also specifies the specimen geometries that should be used depending on the type of product that is being tested

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