Robotic Testing Systems for Tensile Tests – Metals

ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8, GB/T 228.1, JIS Z 2241, GOST 1497

ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8, GB/T 228.1, JIS Z 2241, GOST 1497

Robotic testing systems are designed to produce continuous tests H24 with a qualification of the material in process, with precision, repeatability and accuracy of results

Robotic testing systems find their best use in raw material processing industry that needs to qualify the material 24/24 hours throughout the year. These laboratories find often extremely useful to have robotic systems when tests are equal and extremely repetitive

Galdabini provides automatic tensile and resilience testing systems on plastic or metal materials where technicians become process supervisors. These test systems can be further completed with auxiliary stations, as durometers, roughness testers, measuring stations

2 different product families are available: systems powered by 6-axis anthropomorphic robot or 3-axis Cartesian systems (preferred for lean plants)

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