Tensile test on fasteners

ISO 3506, ISO 898-X, ISO 3266, ASTM F606, GAK 715.26A

ISO 3506, ISO 898-X, ISO 3266, ASTM F606, GAK 715.26A

An accurate determination of elastic tensile modulus and limits of elastic loading is essential for a secure, reliable screwed fastening

Our testing equipment is specially designed for fastener, bolt and washer testing, and feature a key slot and recessed circular cutout that allowed us to quickly and correctly load the specimen. This design ensures that load is applied axially, reducing occurrences of off-center loading and undesired bending moments. These rugged bolt holders were made from specialty steel and underwent a unique heat treating process making them able to withstand the violent recoil of fastener tensile failures

For test control and data acquisition, Labtest software allows to control parameters and results calculations. It also provided the control necessary to perform the required proof tests, tensile tests, and combined proof and wedge tensile tests

ASTM F606 requires that elongation be recorded in conjunction with fastener proof tests. This data is used to ensure that fasteners are not permanently deformed after the proof load is removed. To capture elongation automatically we can propose dedicated extensometers designed to measure also the total extension from the top of the head to the bottom of the shank. It allowed us to collect elongation data along with system load and position data to generate load/elongation graphs. The software automatically computed total elongation without the need for manually measuring the fastener. For testing fasteners, it is important to attach flat washers to the threaded end of the bolt and under the head of the bolt to secure it in the grips. We offer a complete line of flat, wedge, and countersunk test washers and short bolt adapters

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